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We consider innovation to be central to our ambitions and critical to the ultimate success of any artwork or design we produce for commercial projects. Through consultation and research we aspire to present artwork solutions that connect the end user to the client through exceptional craft skills, production values and conceptual thinking.

Working closely with client and designers, we test ideas before identifying opportunities for artwork and design solutions. Perhaps uniquely, the design development and creation of the artwork are managed in house. The model strengthens design communication and helps control budgets. The process produces considered, dynamic and often unexpected solutions that stimulate conversations, engage the end user and connect with project aims.

QT Hotel, Nic Graham + Associates

QT Hotel, Nic Graham + Associates

Hibiya Matsumotoro, Tokyo

Forza Fukuoka


We consider finding the solution for a residential project to be more important than working in any particular style and expect that each spacecraft project will exist for the client as an original artwork, or unique design interpretation. We consider our specialism to be the production of high quality contemporary art.

artplay 3d

Spacecraft Studio, Boyd collection, K5, Heide

Royal Elizabeth, PDG


Collaboration is a cornerstone of the studio practice. Our commitment to collaboration with contemporary artists, designers and institutions throws the studio unpredictable challenges. Identifying the right print techniques and combination of production values is the key to supporting the creative concepts artists and designers bring to us.

Our artist projects position the studio at the centre of the contemporary art world, where ways of thinking and ways of making are unpredictable, rigorously researched and carefully considered.

Jon Campbell, MCA

Darren Sylvester, Neon Park

Brook Andrew, Art Basel Hong Kong

Brook Andrew, MAAS

Kate Daw, Finding Grace, MCA

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