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Backing Cloth

Spacecraft studio has three 7m print tables covered with a light canvas “backing cloth”, they are used for print projects, experimentation and the development of artwork. Over time these backing cloths become so saturated with print ideas, techniques and pigments that they have to be replaced. Amongst the build up of accumulated print Stewart Russell discovers chance compositions and presents these joyous artworks as a kind of conceptual diary, capturing a fleeting moment of studio history. Perhaps more than any single artwork backing cloth paintings manage to capture & illustrate the energy of a creative studio in full flight.

“ This work invites us all to consider what’s around us, to find poetry and serendipity in the everyday. These paintings record the production values and methodologies we explore in testing the boundaries of screen printing & our own skills. The backing cloth paintings teach us to embrace unexpected juxtapositions and to innovate in response to opportunities. ”  Stewart Russell


Flora & Fauna

Flora & Fauna research – a constant source of inspiration and studio research has been found narratives attached to local flora and fauna. The artworks that emerge from this research use native and introduced plants, trees and animals to convey allegorical stories of great depth and complexity. The construction of the paintings expands on a variation of a technique invented by Anna Atkins, an English scientist / artist who was a key figure in the birth of cyanotype and photography in the 19th Century.

We identify trees as silent witness to another time, connecting us through geopolitical and personal histories. With fine art research and practice at it’s core, the paintings produced for the Flora and Fauna series are realised through exploration, risk taking, playfulness and
practical excellence.

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